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Mix and try different hairstyles in seconds with our NEW HairMixer app! The app provides numerous celebrity hairstyles, accessories, photo filters, and magazine covers for you to try out. You can also upload your own "hair" photos or those of a friend and mix them on your face. It\'s easy, quick, and fun!

The new version comes fully loaded with a celebrity hairstyle gallery AND accessories AND photo filters AND magazine covers!!!

Start mixing now and see what hairstyle suits you best !

-Instant hairstyle visualization
-Mix and try different hairstyles
-Celebrity hairstyle gallery
-Filters AND Magazine Covers
-Save the result to your iphone or ipad, email it to a friend, or upload it on Facebook

HairMixer is based on the webtool, and is powered by ModiFace Inc.

Download and use it now: HairMixer 1.1

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Publisher: ModiFace

Release Date: 2012-12-12

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